Molson Announces​.......

As of November 1, 2012, the following products will be discontinued​

Pilsner 18 Btl  

OV 24 Btl 

Molson Export 12 Btl

Canadian Ice 12 Btl, 12 Can, 6 Can, 15 Can

Black Ice 12 Can   

Carling 6 Can 

Canadian Light 12 Btl

Molson Dry 24 Btl     

Corona Light 12 Can, 6 Can

Black Extra Old Stock 12 can   

Molson M 12 Btl  6 Btl  15 Can

We Carry the items in YELLOW

Hosting a Public Function?
The only Authority that can issue you a public liquor license is AGLC
Please contact Kate Wheltton at 780-447-8845
The process could take a minimum of 8 weeks, so please plan ahead.

Examples of Public Functions:  Fundraisers, Dine & Dance, Open Weddings.

​What's New

By Request

Spice Box Whiskey


Ole Smoky Applepie Moonshine

If you can find your favorite prodct on this site....we can bring it in.  Just tell us the sku